Characteristitcs of Nitinol Spring

Characteristitcs of Nitinol Spring


Characteristitcs of Nitinol Spring,Application,what can we supply.

Characteristitcs of Nitinol Spring
Product Characteristics

1,shape memory
The shape memory alloy of nickel-iron alloy will automatically recover its shape after a certain heat treatment. This change is the memory characteristic of nickel-titanium alloy shape memory alloy.
Nitinol shape memory alloy will deform when receiving external force, and will return to its original shape after removing the external force, which is the superelasticity of Nitinol shape memory alloy.
Nitinol shape memory alloys have very good damping properties because of the self-adjustment of the phase transition and the interface and motion generated in the phase transition.
During the deformation process of the martensitic titanium alloy shape memory alloy, there is a linear relationship between the resistance and the strain. When the phase transformation occurs, the slope of the curve will decrease, however, it will maintain a linear relationship before and after the martensite phase.

Appliaction:Medical,aerospace,automotive,3D printing,Chemical industry

Size:Can be customized

Material:Nickel titanium alloy

Category:One-way shape Meomory/Two-way Shape Memory

Af temperature:One-Way Shape Memory:0℃-100℃,Two-Way Shape Memory:15℃-60℃

Type:Round wire spring/Flat wire spring