Titanium capillary

Titanium capillary


Titanium capillary:Properties, Applications and Quality of Titanium Capillaries.

Titanium capillary
Properties, Applications and Quality of Titanium Capillaries
With the development of the titanium industry, titanium capillaries are widely used in medical, aerospace, industrial and other industries. Due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, and easy cleaning, titanium capillaries are used in human implantation, medical device accessories and other medical fields. In addition, it is also used in precision industries such as aviation and industry, and titanium capillary has become an important material for special industries. Titanium capillaries have "cut a figure" in many fields, giving full play to the many advantages of titanium. For example, endovascular stents use titanium capillaries. This technology has become the main effective means of treating coronary heart disease at home and abroad. In the past, medical titanium capillaries needed to be imported, but now domestic titanium capillaries have been successfully produced in small sizes and can be used in the human body. Since then, the application of titanium capillary will be more and more.
Professional titanium capillary manufacturer, can be customized according to demand, no burr on the nozzle, can measure chemical composition and mechanical properties, quality assurance. provide sample.

We can supply titanium capillary tube as below:
Grades: GR1, GR2; Specifications: Outer Diameter≥0.5mm, Wall Thickness≥0.07mm, Tolerance: ±0.02mm; Surface: pickling, polishing; chemical composition, mechanical properties: can be sampled and measured

We supplied titanium capillary tube:The pure titanium grade TA1 (GR1), size OD1.5mm, ID1.0mm titanium capillary supplied by our company to a medical device manufacturer, is used by the customer to produce the connecting catheter of the precision part of the medical device. Customer affirmation and recognition.